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Windows 2003 - IIS6 Hosting Provider

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With our DotNet hosting, you can publish your .NET Websites and Webservices, built in ASP.NET or any other .NET programming language.

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FREE SQL Server DB (Development Only - One Off £50 Setup Charge Ideal for learning SQL Server)

Plan Details

400 MB Web space for your domain name
Latest version of the Microsoft Windows 2003 Server Operating System
IIS 6.0 Webserver
Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 (Why    ASP.NET?)
Support for Microsoft ASP 3.0 scripting,
ODBC, Access database drivers (MDAC 2.7)
ODBC for Microsoft Access databases, Microsoft Access projects, Paradox, dBASE, Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheets, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, fixed-width text files and delimited text files
Latest version of ActiveState Perl (v5)
Latest version of PHP (v4.2)
Optional Microsoft FrontPage Extensions    2002
ASP.NET (C#, VB, JScript)
PERL scripting
PHP Scripting
24X7 Full FTP Access
Point multiple domains to the same web space
DreamWeaver Compliant
POP Accounts
Email Forwarding
Web Stats

Other Useful features:

- Free Control Panel to manage POP accounts
- Web Based Email Reader - Access to FREE web based email reader
- Custom Error pages for your DotNet web-sites
- Free Scripts
- Access to our in house development team for code fixes, enhancements and new development work
- 24 X 7 email support and emergency phone support.


ASP.NET combines unprecedented developer productivity with performance, reliability, and deployment.

Here are a few reasons:

Better Performance - Takes advantage of early binding, just-in-time compilation, native optimization, and caching services because it is compiled common language runtime code running on the server.

Better Security - ASP.NET applications can be secured a variety of ways and employed using simple text configuration files. Passwords can be stored as either MD5 or SHA1 Hash values.

Better Caching - Now you have more options in controlling how you cache your pages including caching a portion of the page as well as supporting file and cache key dependencies.

Web Server, HTML, and Validation Controls - These controls allow common tasks like displaying and editing data, form validation, date displays, etc. much easier to implement for the developer.

ADO.NET - Many improvements over ADO including faster access to SQL Server, better OLEDB support, works with other data exactly the same way including XML, Files, Streams, etc.

Custom Controls and Code Behind Pages - developers can create compiled custom controls and business objects much easier. So deployment is faster, design and logic are easier to separate, and source code can be protected. With the .NET Framework SDK, everything you need to create and compile objects is free.

Improved Scalability - ASP.NET was built with Web Farms in mind so now Session and Application objects can exist, and also supports Web Gardens.

Robust Environment - ASP.NET isolates bad code in a separate thread and destroys all the code which is creating the error. If there is a memory leak ASP.NET can create a new instance of itself and clear the previous instance so no rebooting needs to be done.

Better Debugging - ASP.NET has improved debugging, profiling, and millisecond timing.

Decrease Development Time - With all of ASP.NET's built in classes and controls, development time can greatly be reduced, resulting in faster, better application, that can come to market quicker.


Want to know how to use to write ASP dotnet scripts, then visit our tutorials section.

We have compiled the tutorials to give you an ahead start and simply some of the common problems faced by people.

Our tutorials section - Enjoy

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